Joe Knows Brakes. Cinematographer Dave Barrett directs as owner/mechanic Joe Whelchel does his own acting. Joe Knows Starters. I wrote & produced all 3 spots. Shot by an “A-Team” of video production help at Joe Knows Autos garage.
Joe Knows Air. Actress Darla Delgado steals Joe’s breath and the spotlight in this spot about air conditioning. HSN Spree. I designed, propped and styled sets in this 1940′s-era detective-themed spot for Home Shopping Network channel.
The Creativity Channel. I got to star in this spot, which was created at Telemation for the Tampa Bay Addy Awards presentation. ‪Credit roll for the movie, Oloibiri. Curtis Graham shot this high-speed as I dripped oil into a pool of water. News articles are movie inserts.